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Mandarin Airlines receives its first ATR 72-600

The first ATR 72-600 for Mandarin Airlines, delivered on November 24, 2017

ATR on November 24, 2017 delivered the first of the nine ATR 72-600s to Mandarin Airlines. The ATR 72-600 will bring the regional subsidiary of Taiwan’s flag carrier China Airlines the highest standards of comfort alongside unbeatable economics.

Besides the contract for the aircraft, ATR is also willing to provide engineering and technical support to China Airlines and its subsidiaries to set-up in-house capabilities for ATR heavy maintenance, up to C-checks.

Commenting on the delivery, Jenny Tsao, President of Mandarin Airlines said: “The ATR 72–600 features several strengths, with fuel-efficiency as the major point. These enable Mandarin Airlines to operate domestic flights with higher efficiency and more profitability. With ATR 72-600s joining the fleet, Mandarin Airlines will significantly increase the flight frequencies on each domestic route and then introduce some potential new sectors afterwards. The ATR 72-600 contributes to increased flight frequencies so as to enhance passenger service, allowing passengers to benefit from, for example, three to five daily flights instead of one to two daily currently. Intensive flight frequency is a main goal as we introduce ATRs into our market.”

Copyright Photo: Mandarin Airlines ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-600) F-WWEI (B-16851) (msn 1460) TLS (Eurospot). Image: 939882.

Mandarin Airlines orders six ATR 72-600s

ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-600) F-WWEW (msn 1316) (#ATR42US) TLS (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 933539.

ATR and Taiwan’s Mandarin Airlines, a regional subsidiary of Taiwan’s flag carrier China Airlines, has signed a contract for the purchase of six ATR 72-600s, valued at some $160 million (US).

With the acquisition of these brand new ATR -600s, Mandarin Airlines becomes a new member of the ATR family. The aircraft will operate within Taiwan’s domestic network, featuring the highest standards of passenger comfort and the most advanced technologies. With its new fleet of ATR 72-600s, Mandarin Airlines will benefit from the lowest operating costs among all 70-seat regional aircraft, and will be able to compete in a highly challenging market with cutting-edge and affordable air services.

Besides the contract signing, ATR is also willing to provide engineering and technical support to China Airlines and its subsidiaries to set-up in-house capabilities for ATR heavy maintenance, up to C-checks.

Copyright Photo: ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-600) F-WWEW (msn 1316) (#ATR42US) TLS (Paul Bannwarth). Image: 933539.


Mandarin Airlines unveils today its new “Explore Taichung” Boeing 737-800

Mandarin 737-800 WL B-18659 (15-Explore Taichung)(Nose) RMQ (MNG)(LRW)

Mandarin Airlines (Taipei) and Taichung City Government today (December 2) jointly introduced its newly painted “Explore Taichung” Boeing 737-800.

Mandarin logo-1

The special livery features flowers representing Taichung which also showcases central Taiwan.

According to the airline, the cherry blossoms, lilies, and oncidium orchids represent opening arms to welcome travelers to Taichung.

Mandarin FAs (MNG)(LRW)

Above: Mandarin Airlines flight attendants and the interior of B-18659.

On December 3, this newly painted Boeing 737-800 aircraft will make its inaugural flight to Hong Kong.

"Explore Taichung" livery introduced December 2, 2015

All Copyright Photos: Manuel Negrerie/ Boeing 737-8SH B-18659 (msn 61424) is pictured at the Mandarin Airlines’ maintenance facility in Taichung.

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Mandarin Airlines to start Taichung-Seoul service

Mandarin Airlines (Taipei) will start Taichung-Seoul (Incheon) flights on April 6 per Airline Route. The new route will operate with Embraer ERJ 190s and operate four times a week.

Mandarin Airlines was established on June 1, 1991 and was originally a joint venture of China Airlines and the Koos Group. The Chinese name of Mandarin Airlines was therefore created as a synthesis of characters from both investors. In the beginning, Mandarin Airlines mainly operated direct flights from Taipei to Canada’s Vancouver, Australia’s Sydney and Brisbane with large aircraft.

On October 31, 1992 the China Trust Group pulled out their investment in Mandarin Airlines, thus turning the airline into a company wholly owned by China Airlines.

On August 8, 1999, Mandarin Airlines merged with Formosa Airlines.

Copyright Photo: Manuel Negrerie. Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW B-16829 (msn 19000302) of Mandarin Airlines arrives back at the Taipei (Sung Shan) base. B-16829 is painted in the special Sun Moon Lake/Mt. Jade color scheme.