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Transport Canada suspends Orca Airways’ Air Operator Certificate

Transport Canada on March 15 suspended Orca Airways Air Operator Certificate, which prohibits the company from providing commercial air services.

Transport Canada took this enforcement action in the interest of public safety due to Orca Airways’ repeated non-compliance with aviation safety regulations.

The department identified several areas where the company is not meeting regulatory requirements including maintenance, operational control, documentation, and quality assurance.

Transport Canada will not allow Orca Airways to resume its commercial air service until it proves it can keep its operations consistently compliant with aviation safety regulations. Transport Canada takes aviation safety seriously and expects all air operators to fully comply with aviation safety regulations. The department does not hesitate to take action when regulatory non-compliance is identified. We will continue to monitor Orca Airways’ actions as the company works towards compliance with aviation safety regulations.

Orca Airways was founded in 2005 in Vancouver, British Columbia.

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