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Air Dolomiti returns to Frankfurt and Munich

Air Dolomiti has made this announcement:

After more than two months of lockdown, connections between Italian cities and German hubs resume.
The Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group restarts operations and confirms flights from Italian cities to Munich and Frankfurt am Main.
A partial resumption of operations to Germany with more weekly frequencies is scheduled for June 15. Air Dolomiti will guarantee flights from Florence, Venice and Turin to Munich and from Verona and Turin to Frankfurt.
The Company will also operate flights from Venice and Bologna to Frankfurt on behalf of Lufthansa. The latter two will be added to the route Milan Malpensa-Frankfurt, which has also been active in the past months to guarantee a minimum service between Italy and Germany.
Air Dolomiti’s project is to increase the frequencies and destinations week after week in order to progressively return to normal, gradually taking all the necessary steps to operate in complete safety.
It will be a semblance of semi-normality and we will be able to start seeing our turquoise diamond in the European skies more often again,” said Joerg Eberhart, President and CEO of Air Dolomiti. “During the lockdown it was not easy to see our aircraft lined up on the apron, but we never lost hope. Last week we were pleased to inaugurate the first domestic flights over Sicily from Florence airport. Today we are pleased to see our tails on the runway ready to take off for the German hubs“.
Air Dolomiti aircraft photo gallery:

Air Dolomiti to resume operations in June

Air Dolomiti, the Italian airline of the Lufthansa Group, restarts from Italy and announces the resumption of flights with connections from Florence Airport to Catania, Palermo and Cagliari.

After a long lockdown, citizens will be able to return to fly freely to the major islands.

As of June 5, the airline will offer four weekly frequencies to Sicily and Sardinia from Florence Airport. Flights will be operated on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays departing from Florence at 11:55 a.m. to Palermo and at 4:10 p.m. to Catania.

The connections to Cagliari will be operative from June 19 at 12:05, four times a week on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday.

“We are pleased to announce the resumption of operations and even more so to be able to offer flights connecting our country. Air Dolomiti is a very dynamic reality and this, together with the strong collaboration with the Tuscan airports, allows us to be extremely flexible: Florence is one of the strategic airports for us, here we serve the Munich and Frankfurt hubs and it is here that we decided to invest with our new maintenance centre. The possibility of being able to operate with Embraer 195 and the airport’s ability to adapt quickly to the new regulations has accelerated the restart operations.” Says Joerg Eberhart, President & CEO of Air Dolomiti.

In recent months the Company has taken steps to repatriate Italian citizens from abroad and has guaranteed a bridge with Germany thanks to the connection to the Frankfurt hub from Milan Malpensa.

Air Dolomiti aircraft photo gallery:

Air Dolomiti suspends operations

Air Dolomiti has made this announcement:

Air Dolomiti temporarily suspends its flight plan until April 19, 2020

Due to the increasing limits imposed on travel and the consequent decrease in demand for air travel in Italy and Europe, Air Dolomiti is forced to temporarily suspend its flight plan from March 18 until April 19, 2020.

In view of the exceptional circumstances caused by the spread of the Coronavirus, the carrier aligns itself with the measures already taken by some other airlines of the Lufthansa Group to which it belongs.

Air Dolomiti aircraft photo gallery:


Air Dolomiti launches a simplified livery on I-ADJO

Air Dolomiti has made this announcement:

Under the sign of the growth plan announced for 2019, Air Dolomiti, an Italian airline in the
Lufthansa Group, introduced the new livery on January 9, 2019 at the Catullo Airport of Verona.
The first Air Dolomiti aircraft, painted in England, has a simple, modern and elegant design that
launches the revamped image with a total white style intended to bring out the turquoise
color of the tail fin, where the diamond triumphs in all its splendor.
Written on the belly of the aircraft fuselage is “AD Astra”, part of the Latin phrase “Per Aspera ad
Astra”, “Through hardships to the stars”: a tribute to travellers and flying enthusiasts, but also to
the ancient tradition of the Greek-Latin classics. With these words, the airline intends not only
to accompany passengers during the flight, but also to wish them bon voyage, no matter what
their selected destination may be or the reason for their trip.
This continues Air Dolomiti’s revamping, a new image that looks to the future, but at the same
time maintains the solid values that have allowed it to establish itself as one of the best
European airlines. This is the message conveyed by the company and by CEO Joerg Eberhart:
Another milestone has been reached today and this makes us very proud. Seeing how the
livery has been renewed but without being radically changed makes me think about our
company whose Italian spirit remains intact, but whose body has instead been transformed to
align with the Group and modern times.”
The old livery:
Air Dolomiti, strongly rooted in the Verona territory, has planned to introduce new equipment –
they currently have 12 operational units – which will bring the fleet to a total of 26.
The arrival of new aircraft will take place gradually from January 2019 through 2023.
All photos by Air Dolomiti.

Air Dolomiti to start Bologna-Munich flights on December 8

Air Dolomiti (Lufthansa Group) has announced the start of Bologna-Munich operations from December 8, 2014. The route will be operated as an Air Dolomiti flight.

Copyright Photo: Paul Bannwarth/ Air Dolomiti’s Embraer ERJ 190-200LR (ERJ 195) I-ADJM (msn 19000258) arrives in Zurich.

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Air Dolomiti to operate Bergamo-Munich flights starting on June 2, 2014

Air Dolomiti (Verona), the Lufthansa Group’s Italian airline, will operate flights from Il Caravaggio International Airport in Bergamo Orio al Serio (near Milan) to Munich starting on June 2, 2014.

The new route will operate twice daily (except one flight a day on the weekends).

In other news, Air Dolomiti and Condor Flugdienst (Frankfurt) have agreed to work closely feeding Condor long-haul flights from Frankfurt and Munich from Italy according to Air Dolomiti operates from Ancona, Bari, Bologna, Florence, Genoa, Milan, Palermo, Pisa, Rome (Fiumicino), Turin, Trieste, Venice and Verona.

Copyright Photo: Paul Bannwarth/ Air Dolomiti’s Embraer ERJ 190-200LR (ERJ 195) I-ADJS (msn 19000597) completes its final approach into the Frankfurt hub.

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Air Dolomiti ends ATR 72 operations today

Air Dolomiti (Verona) today (October 26) will operate the last ATR 72 flight from the Munich hub to Trieste, Italy. Flight LH 1940 will also end an era. This is also the last turboprop flight in the Lufthansa Group per Austrian Wings.

Lufthansa ended Viscount 800 service in 1971 but in recent years has contracted with feeder airlines to operate turboprop aircraft. The turboprop aircraft have been gradually replaced with pure jet aircraft. Tonight’s last ATR 72-500 flight will be the last turboprop flight with any airline using the LH code.

Read the full story from Austrian Wings (in German): CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Marco Finelli/ ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) I-ADLT (msn 638) prepares to land at Bologna.

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Air Dolomiti introduces new flight attendant uniforms

Air Dolomiti FAs

Air Dolomiti (Verona) has introduced new uniforms for its cabin staff. The airline issued this statement:

Air Dolomiti has presented itsnew collection of clothing and accessories for its flight assistants. This location, truly unique due to its architectural beauty, the materials used and the elegant design, was the ideal background for the event, with a glamorous and sophisticated atmosphere.

Designed by Laura Strambi, renowned fashion designer and Director of the ‘Laura Strambi – Yoj di Milano’ line, this new collection is distinguished by its elegance, refinedness and careful choice of fabrics: thanks, in fact, to the use of natural materials, the new uniforms guarantee comfort and easy movement; the tailored jacket, the skirt and the sleek slacks are all made from pure stretch wool. The down jacket, the new element within the collection, created with wool finishes, and the waterproof cotton trench are just some of the many items now available.

The various different models are made unique by the attention to detail, which has always been the strength of the Airline, and the search for new lines which create a sophisticated and modern silhouette. The use of turquoise, the corporate colour of Air Dolomiti, combined with grey, donates elegance and refinedness, the unmistakeable traits of the Airline.

Thanks are due to the assistance of the Carmi & Ubertis agency in Milan, which specialises in the construction, communication and management of brand image, who provided key consultancy on the Air Dolomiti image, andMetiki, a company in Busto Arsizio who transformed the precious fabrics into elegant uniforms.

The presentation also revealed for the first time the new in-flight service (available in a few weeks’ time) created with the assistance of Carlo Giannini, leader in the kitchen article sector, and the graphics agency SDB.

Laura Strambi has infused the new uniforms with her delicate taste and unmistakeable style, creating clothing items with a sharp, elegant and modern design.

Copyright Photos: Air Dolomiti.

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Routes from the Munich hub of Lufthansa:

Air Dolomiti MUC 6:2003 Route Map

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Air Dolomiti FA Uniforms (Air Dolomiti)(LR)

Air Dolomiti is facing a pilots strike on May 29

Air Dolomiti (Verona and Munich) is facing a four-hour strike strike on May 29 by its pilots, belonging to Ugl Trasporti Union.

Copyright Photo: Andi Hiltl/ ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) I-ADLJ (msn 686) approaches Zurich for landing.

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Air Dolomiti to phase out its 10 ATR 72s by November 2013

Air Dolomiti (Verona and Munich) intends to phase out its 10 remaining ATR 72-500s by November 2013 per Le Journal de l’Aviation. The carrier will be adding more Embraer ERJ 195s to replace the turboprops. Parent Lufthansa wants to phase out the use of turboprops.

Read the full report (in French): CLICK HERE

Copyright Photo: Rolf Wallner. ATR 72-212A (ATR 72-500) I-ADCC (msn 662) taxies at Zurich.

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