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Elix Aviation Capital launch customer for ATR’s new Short Take Off and Landing version

Dublin-based turboprop leasing firm Elix Aviation Capital, has today signed a Letter of Intent to become the launch customer of the ATR 42-600S, with an order for 10 aircraft. This new version of the ATR 42-600 offers capabilities to take-off from and land on runways as short as 800m, with the ‘S’ representing STOL (Short Take Off and Landing). ATR is currently finalising the process for official launch of the 42-600S and received authorisation to take in orders for the aircraft, subject to the final confirmation for launch from the company’s Board of Directors, expected before year end.

Elix’s desire to be the first lessor to offer slots on the new ATR 42-600S is part of its strategy to strengthen its lead as the largest all-turboprop lessor in the world, and continue to focus on the performance-intensive segment of the turboprop market. This is the first time the company has placed a strategic order directly with an aircraft manufacturer and their choice of the ATR 42-600S demonstrates confidence in the quality and value of the aircraft, as well as the market potential that the STOL version will have in the regional aviation market. The aircraft will be delivered between 2022 and 2024.

The ATR 42-600S has a bright commercial outlook, with 1,200 in-service turboprops of between 30 and 50 seats needing to be replaced in the coming years. Thanks to its economic performance and operational flexibility the ATR 42-600S is ideally placed to meet this requirement. Beyond its performance on short runways, the aircraft offers 50 seats at the same operating costs as 30-seat aircraft.