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German Airways ends its relationship with EGO Airways, leases a Embraer 190 to Luxair

German Airways has ended its relationship with EGO Airways.

Meanwhile, Luxair will lease a German Airways Embraer 190 on its European route network. Due to the foreseeable resumption of leisure travel, the airline needs additional capacity on longer routes for the summer season 2022 in order to meet the expected high demand.

From mid-May, the Embraer 190 will join Luxair’s current fleet of eight Boeing 737s and eleven de Havilland Canada DHC-8-400s. With a capacity of 100 seats, the German Airways aircraft allows greater flexibility and better meets the strong travel desire of Luxair passengers.

EGO Airways’ operating permit is suspended


EGO Airways’ operating permit was suspended by the ENAC on January 4, 2022.

The company launched operations on March 30, 2021 using an Embraer ERJ 190 operated by German Airways.

German Airways previously decided to pull its aircraft from the lease agreement. The pictured I-EGOA was ferried from Parma to Cologne/Bonn on December 29, 2021.

EGO attempted to use other aircraft providers.

Top Copyright Photo: EGO Airways (German Airways) Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW I-EGOA (msn 19000165) FLR (Marco Finelli). Image: 954700.

EGO Airways aircraft slide show:

EGO AIrways aircraft photo gallery:

Photo: EGO Airways (German Airways) Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW I-EGOA (msn 19000165) FLR (Marco Finelli). Image: 954700.


Copyright Photo: EGO Airways (German Airways) Embraer ERJ 190-100 IGW I-EGOA (msn 19000165) FLR (Marco Finelli). Image: 954700.

EGO Airways launches operations

EGO Airways started operations on March 30, 2021.

The new airline made this announcement:

EGO Airways made its maiden flight, its first commercial flight at 10 am on March 30, 2021.

flight E3 303 took off from Catania Fontanarossa Airport (CTA) for Giuseppe Verdi Airport in Parma (PMF).

The flight lasted about an hour and forty-five minutes: therefore landing at 11.45 am.

EGO Airways plans to launch operations on March 28, 2021

EGO Airways is a new Italian regional airline founded in July 2019 by Italian business people. After obtaining the AOC, flight operations will start on March 28, 2021.

EGO Airways plans to fly to 7 destinations from Forli and Catania and later Milan-Malpensa.

The airline will operate two Embraer ERJ 190-100s operated by WDL Aviation.

On November 19, 2020 EGO obtained its air operator’s certificate (AOC) from ENAC.

The upstart describes its plans:

EGO Airways is the new fully Italian airline aiming to become a protagonist of the Italian and international skies. The start up was born thanks to the alliance of several entrepreneurs, many of whom have experience in the aeronautic sector.

Fully Italian hospitality

A tailor-made service. The possibility to customize its own flight experience through a website: a à la carte service that will allow to buy additional services as, for instance, a private car from/to the airport or a hotel for a romantic weekend.

Gourmet menus (with a regard to the latest COVID-19 regulations) on fresh Italian products, as well as vegan, protein and super healthy meals.

A service careful to all three cabin classes, from the JUST GO, then the LOUNGE to the PRIVATE;
uniforms designed by Andres Romo, EGV1’s Creative Director, company specialized on the team wear industry; comfort and design on board; cozy aircrafts with extremely groomed interiors: are some of the ingredients of the EGO Airways flight experience, aiming to recreate the Italian savoir-faire even at ten thousand meters of altitude.

On EGO Airways’ planes, moreover, thanks to the cabin crew’s professional preparation, passengers will be able to live tasty experiences linked to both the departing as well as landing territories. The final goal? Return to give value to the uniqueness of each single guest, listening to the needs and demand of each traveller, and , at the same time, to restore value to the Italian lands.

The fleet will originally be composed by two Embraer 190s that will have as main hubs the brand new Ridolfi Airport of Forlì, inaugurated on October 29, 2020 and the Fontanarossa Airport of Catania.

The initial aim will be to develop a point to point net, linking the strategic cities of the Italian territory, and then strengthen the feeder services from and to Milan Malpensa, partnering with the main airlines operating at the Lombardian airport.

Flight schedule and fees 

Tickets available from January 7, 2021 will cover the annual schedule, active from March 28, 2021, with a dense calendar of connections involving the airport of Forlì, Firenze, Catania, Parma, Bari e Lamezia Terme.

Starting from June 4, 2021 Cagliari, Bergamo and Roma will be added to the just listed destinations.

The flight plan, operated by the two Embraer 190s, will provide air routes with different frequencies and a greater involvement, as stated, of Catania & Forlì Airports, connected to each others twice a day from Monday to Friday, and once a day, on Saturdays and Sundays.

Daily will be the route between Catania & Parma, while flights will depart from Monday to Saturday between Catania & Firenze.

Bari’s airport will be connected four times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) with Parma, Forlì e Firenze. Flights from Lamezia Terme to ForlìFirenze e Parma will be active three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday & Saturdays). From June 4th, moreover, the air routes linking  Forlì e Cagliari, on Fridays & Saturdays, and Bergamo & Roma, with two daily flights, from Monday to Friday, and one per day, on Saturday and Sunday will begin taking off.



Two prices, flights from 48.90 euro, for the JUST GO fee, and from 98,90 euro.


Marco Busca, EGO Airways’ President declares: “More than a year ago, along with my father and the other OCP partners, we decided to invest in EGO Airways, strongly convinced of the high growth potentials of this project. A project, that today more than ever, I reckon innovative and winning, as all other realities of the industry have confirmed, and not only, to who we presented it. And now, after these months full of work and commitment, I am first of all proud: proud to have taken on the challenge of a start-up and as well proud of the fantastic team we have created.Thanks to my role of investor, and of president and accountable manager, I am currently involved firsthand in the airline’s operations and I can confirm you that our goal is to bring EGO Airways, in 5 yeas, to be a benchmark for the Italian aviation at international level.