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The current problems of Shaheen Air

Shaheen Air International (Karachi) has been making headlines the past few days for the wrong reasons. First a Boeing 737 burst two tires on landing at Karachi two days ago (April 22). Next, on the same day, another Boeing 737 started leaking fuel as it was departing (probably due to over-fueling) and aborted the takeoff.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan has fined the private airline for not maintaining its aircraft properly and started an investigation into the incidents.

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Shaheen Air International to acquire more 737s


Please click on photo for full view and caption.

Please click on photo for full view and caption.

Shaheen Air International (Karachi) is planning to acquire seven used Boeing 737-200s from South Africa according to a report by Reuters. The Pakistani carrier also intends to add two new Boeing 737-900 ERs in 2010. The carrier is also planning to resume operations to the United Kingdom and possibly Canada using leased Boeing 777s.