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QANTAS pulls its four directors from the Air Pacific board

QANTAS Airways (Sydney) has pulled its four directors from Air Pacific‘s (Nadi, Fiji) board of directors because it believes the Fijian government wants to control the airline.

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Top Copyright Photo: John Adlard. “Wunala Dreaming” is now history as QANTAS has repainted its Boeing 747-438 ER VH-OEJ (msn 32914) into the standard colors.


Air Pacific: 

Air Pacific: 

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Air Pacific to go back to its roots, will change its name back to Fiji Airways

Air Pacific (Nadi) has announced it will go back to its original name, Fiji Airways, as part of its efforts to return to profitability. The new Airbus A330-200s on order will be delivered in the new brand and name.

The airline issued the following statement:


New name, new aircraft, increased frequency, and improved product

The latest initiatives in the turnaround strategy of Air Pacific, Fiji’s National Carrier, have been revealed, including a rebranding of the airline and a return to its 1958 name of ‘Fiji Airways’.

The move is the latest in a series of initiatives that are part of a 360 degree review and restructure of the airline, which has seen the flag carrier reverse losses, improve its schedules and network, and make significant investments in new aircraft and its onboard product.

After posting an improved operating performance in FY 2010/11 (an operating loss of F$3.6 million compared to F$91.8 million in FY2009/10) the additional changes at the airline are part of the final phase of activities designed to return the airline to sustainable profitability.

‘Fiji Airways’ was the name of the airline between 1958 and 1970.  The name was changed to ‘Air Pacific’ in 1970 to reflect its greatly expanded regional presence.  The new move will see the airline more closely aligned with its proud Fijian heritage and its role as Fiji’s largest inbound and outbound airline.

“Globally there is high consumer awareness of Fiji as a holiday destination. We want to strengthen that association and also promote Fiji in every country we fly to. Returning to ‘Fiji Airways’ will better reflect our role as Fiji’s national carrier, and also assist Fiji by growing tourism and interest in the nation,” said David Pflieger, Air Pacific’s Managing Director and CEO. “Our airline is one of Fiji’s largest companies employing 800 people directly and an estimated 8,000 or so indirectly, and we fly in over 60% of all visitors who come to Fiji, so it only makes sense for us to embrace our uniquely Fijian culture and spirit, characteristics which have seen Fiji consistently recognised by consumers as one of the world’s friendliest countries and no doubt helped us win a recent award as one of the top ten small airlines in the world.”

Pflieger added, “Our rebranding is part of an overall turnaround plan – a plan that is working well and should, with continued focus and effort, help us thrive and grow as the preferred airline of the South Pacific.

“In 2010/2011 Air Pacific and Pacific Sun carried a combined 1.1million passengers on 15,000 flights. This represents a year-on-year increase of 37,000 additional passengers which helped increase revenue by F$40 million – at the same time non-fuel costs were reduced by F$13 million.

“With a strong offering of outstanding resorts, hotel properties and diverse activities, we see a lot of opportunity to grow the profile of Fiji as both a final destination and a stopover destination for our long-haul services to Los Angeles and Hong Kong.”

“Our recent investment in new aircraft, a new inflight product, a new airport lounge, and better service, should also position us to capture more of Fiji’s high-end leisure travel market,” said Mr. Pflieger.

Today’s announcement marks another important milestone in the continued turnaround of Fiji’s national carrier, an effort that has already been marked by increased flights between Fiji and Sydney, an aircraft order for three brand new A330-200 aircraft, an order for Rolls-Royce’s Trent 700 engines, and other work focussing on revitalising and modernising the airline’s product and services.

Air Pacific’s transition to its new livery and brand will be a methodical and planned process, expected to be fully completed by the end of 2013. Air Pacific’s new fleet of A330-200’s, which are due to be delivered in 2013, will come equipped with the airline’s new brand and color scheme, but the brand will be rolled out across the marketplace, ticket offices, check-in counters, airport lounge facilities, and the company’s official website and advertising over the upcoming 18 months.”

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The Fiji government revises its foreign ownership laws to limit QANTAS Airways’ control of Air Pacific

Air Pacific (Nadi) is maintaining normal operations after the Fiji government revised its foreign ownership rules to corral and limit the control of QANTAS Airways (Sydney) over the carrier.

The government issued the following statement:

“To ensure compliance with international law and bilateral requirements governing air service rights granted to national airlines that fly to other nations, the Republic of Fiji has updated its ownership and control criteria for airline companies registered in Fiji through the passage of the Civil Aviation (Ownership and Control of National Airlines) Decree 2012.

The Civil Aviation Decree necessitates that all Fijian-registered air carrier companies providing international service must satisfy these international requirements and be under the “substantial ownership and effective control” of a citizen of Fiji, meaning:

  • The Government of Fiji or any institution of the State;
  • An individual who is a citizen of Fiji;
  • A partnership each of whose partners is an individual who is a citizen of Fiji; or,
  • A corporation or association of which at least 51 percent of the voting interest is owned and controlled by persons who are citizens of Fiji, at least two thirds of the board of directors and any committee are citizens of Fiji, and such corporation or association is under actual and effective control of citizens of Fiji.

Currently, Air Pacific and Pacific Sun are Fiji’s only international airlines, and they are majority-owned by Fijians. However, since 1998, minority and non-Fijian shareholder QANTAS Airways has maintained effective control of these airlines through supermajority and veto rights over significant areas of the company, including the appointment of the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, annual operating budget, any expenditures, new air routes, variations to Air Service schedules, management appointments, employee incentive schemes including bonuses, and numerous other key areas of oversight, control and decision-making.

While QANTAS currently has veto power over most areas of Air Pacific’s operations and business decisions, QANTAS also competes directly against Air Pacific through its wholly-owned low cost carrier subsidiary, Jetstar Airways, which flies overseas visitors to Fiji from Sydney.

Concerns about ownership and control requirements are not unusual in international aviation law. Indeed, just last week QANTAS called for the Australian International Air Services Commission (IASC) to undertake a comprehensive public review of Virgin Australia’s ownership and control position to determine if Virgin complies with the ownership and effective control provisions of Australia’s aviation laws.

In the European Union and United Kingdom, air carriers must be owned and effectively controlled by Member States and/or nationals of Member States. Similarly, in New Zealand international airlines must be owned and effectively controlled by New Zealand nationals.

With this law, the Bainimarama Government has now corrected the activities of prior Fijian governments, which allowed foreign citizens to control Fiji’s national airlines. Since Air Pacific is responsible for carrying more than 70 percent of visitors to Fiji, its success is critical to the health of the Fijian economy and the livelihoods of Fijians.”

Air Pacific issued the following statement:

“The Fiji Civil Aviation Decree 2012 is a shareholder matter. For our customers and our team here, it’s business as usual as Air Pacific, our board, our business partners, and our great team of professionals continue to work together to revitalise, modernise, and ensure the future success of our airline.

Air Pacific’s mission remains the same: to be the preferred airline of the South Pacific and the country we are privileged to call home.”

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American Airlines and Air Pacific sign a code-share agreement

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) and Air Pacific (Nadi) have signed a new codeshare agreement that will give American’s customers more travel options throughout the South Pacific and Air Pacific customers easier access to major business centers in the United States.

Pending U.S. government approval, expected within the next 30 to 60 days, American will place its code on Air Pacific flights in the following markets: Los Angeles-Nadi, Honolulu-Nadi, and Nadi-Suva while Air Pacific will place its code on nearly 20 new destinations to cities flown from American’s Los Angeles hub.

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Air Pacific selects the Airbus A330-200 for its fleet renewal

Air Pacific (Nadi) is going Airbus. Air Pacific has selected Airbus aircraft to renew and to grow its fleet. The carrier has signed a firm contract to buy three new A330-200 aircraft to replace its existing fleet of Boeing 747-400s and 767-300s.

The A330-200 aircraft will be delivered in 2013.

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Air Pacific reorganizes its fleet, announces new flights

Air Pacific (2nd) (Fiji) (Nadi) has announced a fleet modification and also new schedules for 2012. The company has been undergoing a reorganization since new CEO Dave Pflieger joined the team.

Air Pacific is adding another new Boeing 737-800 to its fleet, allowing it to retire this Boeing 767-300 ER. The company will also add more flights to Australia and more seats to Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Fiji’s international airline will be returning this leased Boeing 767-300 ER in mid January 2012 and replacing it with an additional Boeing 737-800 that is due to arrive in November 2011.

The additional 737-800 will significantly improve flight schedules to the Australian market and it will also allow the company to put the Boeing 747- 400 back into the Hong Kong market.

Air Pacific is moving from 7 to 13 weekly flights (10 weekly Boeing 737 flights and 3 weekly Boeing 747-400 flights) to Sydney. This will improve same day connections from Nadi International Airport to Fiji’s outer island resorts and hotels.

In addition, starting in January 2012, the Hong Kong route will be flown with Boeing 747-400s allowing Air Pacific to add an additional 165 seats (22%) per week of capacity into this market.

For Nadi-Auckland, the 2012 flight schedule will remain unchanged, but Air Pacific will increase seat capacity on this route by increasing Boeing 747-400 service from one to three flights per week.

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Air Pacific cancels its order for eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners

Air Pacific (Nadi) has cancelled its order for eight Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

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