Pet Airways to start operations on July 14

Pet Airways (Delray Beach, FL) is the world’s first pet-only airline (is this a passenger or cargo airline?) that is the idea of Dan Wiesel, President and CEO.  The company was established in 2005. The first routes will be from New York to Chicago, New York to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Chicago. The new company plans to also serve Washington and Denver. Introductory fares will be $149 one-way. Beech (Raytheon) 1900C aircraft will be utilized (one aircraft already has titles). The aircraft are basically freighters with the seats removed with special restrainers for the pet crates. Pets are dropped off at the “Pet Lounge” and are always under the care of “Pet Attendants”. According to the company, “pawsengers” will be boarded and de-boarded from planes are quickly as possible, never left in the cold or the heat. Depending on the transit time, the “pawsengers” will be offered toilet facilities, food and water as necessary during stops. Will this idea fly?