Republic to operate two ERJ 190s for Midwest

Republic Airlines (2nd) (subsidiary of Republic Airways) (Indianapolis) will operate two longer-range 100-seat Embraer ERJ 190-100ARs as a Midwest Connect carrier starting in August. Republic already operates 12 smaller 76-seat Embraer ERJ 170 jets for Midwest Airlines (Milwaukee). The move is expected to permit Midwest to restore West Coast nonstop flying from MKE. Midwest is coming under increased competitive pressure from AirTran Airways and soon Southwest Airlines.

Meanwhile Republic is investing another $2 million in partner Mokulele Airlines. Republic has now invested $13 million in the Hawaiian inter-island carrier while it holds a deposit of $2 million.

1 thought on “Republic to operate two ERJ 190s for Midwest

  1. Roy

    In a way this is good because the Midwest label will live on but in a way it is bad because they are furloughing people to bring us (Republic) in (yes I work for Republic). In a way I am honestly a little nervous about this transition because we have already been harassed several times by them when it first started with the 170’s, we were treated pretty poorly at first, but then people adjusted and we all got along for the most part. Now this is just going to stir the pot again. I mean it is good that atleast someone is profiting given our current economy, it just sucks that people have to be inconvenienced in the process. I am sorry to anyone that this effects, but feel free to join the Republic family, we would love to have you aboard and all of your knowledge. You all are great people, you wouldn’t of been employed with Midwest if you weren’t. Best of luck to everyone involved!

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