JAL’s initiatives to reduce its carbon footprint

JAL-Japan Airlines (Tokyo-Haneda) as part of its carbon dioxide offset reduction plan, according to the attached CNN report, the company is asking its passengers to go to the toilet first before boarding. The article estimates “if 50 percent of passengers relieved themselves before boarding, it would reduce carbon dioxide by 4.2 tons a month”. However according to the carrier this is incorrect.

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JAL responded and stated it does not ask passengers to go to the bathroom before boarding. The company has many initiatives to help reduce its carbon footprint (which other carriers should follow). Here is JAL response:

“Referring to your article, I need to clarify with you that the Japanese carrier implementing that policy, is not JAL.

JAL has a wide variety of other environmental conservation policies and
activities (http://www.jal.com/en/environment/) such as the latest
“Shades Close Exercise” and use of plastic PET wine bottles instead of
glass bottles in economy class (please find attached press releases for
your information). But, we are not asking our passengers to lose weight before boarding by going to the loo.”