LAN Airlines diverts flights away from Santiago

LAN Airlines (Santiago) has informed its passengers, in accordance with the announcement from Chile’s Civil Aviation Authority, that the Santiago international airport (SCL) remains closed due to the 8.8 earthquake that struck the country. The SCL terminal has sustained severe damage.

As a result, LAN Airlines operations to and from the city of Santiago have been temporarily suspended. Passengers on 17 of the airline’s flights from both national and international cities of origin have been redirected to alternative airports in compliance with the Chilean Civil Aviation Authority.

Flight operations will continue as scheduled to all of LAN Airlines and its affiliates South America network and destinations outside of Chile.

1 thought on “LAN Airlines diverts flights away from Santiago

  1. jappie 416

    LAN airlines, what a joke, no customer service at all in Miami the day after the earthquake. We were supposed to connect thru Santiago, not go there, no way did we get any anwsers or help, we could have connected thru Buenos Aires, Bogota, Quito, or Lima. Then we find out the next day after they told us the flight was cancelled into Santiago, that it went on time w 57 people on board. At no time were we offered help w hotels, meals or anything other than the “no SE” response, no one had any idea about what was going on and we were given the run around, remeber we didn’t want to go to Chile, and we certainly didn’t want to take a seat that a Chilean should have had so they could get home. We offered our seats to Santiago and asked them to connect us thru the other cities, to no avail. Now to add insult to the whole debacle they say we have to use our tickets before November or wait for avaialbility, hello, you have my money, i had a seat and it was in february, i can’t go anywhere before November, and the nest they can do is give us refunds. I suggest they take a customer service seminar and the rest of us should fly a US carrier into Argentina and then connect on LAN if you must

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