easyJet claims title as the UK’s “national airline”

easyJet (UK) (London-Luton), based on figures published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) this week, show that the company is the UK’s largest airline, measured by the number of passengers flown for the second year in a row. In 2009 over 28 million passengers flew with easyJet through UK airports.

As stated in the press release, in just 15 years easyJet has grown from a small two Boeing 737 operation to become the UK’s largest airline, operating out of 16 airports across the UK from Invernes to Bristol.

Airline PAX 2009
easyJet 28,147,268
Ryanair 28,095,201
British Airways 26,274,056
BMI 6,887,386
Flybe 6,749,650