Sunquest Vacations lines-up replacement carriers to replace Skyservice

Copyright Photo: TMK Photography.

Sunquest Vacations announced today (March 31) that it has organized replacement flights for all of its customers who might otherwise have been affected by the suspension of operations by Skyservice Airlines (Toronto). Skyservice was placed into receivership by the Ontario Court earlier today.

Skyservice was an independent supplier to Sunquest, which is part of Thomas Cook Group plc, one of the world’s leading travel groups. Since 1995, Skyservice has operated aircraft for Sunquest and other tour operators between Canada and destinations in the Caribbean and Mexico. The only Sunquest flights affected by the Skyservice shut-down originate in Toronto or Winnipeg, and represent less than a third of the remaining flights for Sunquest’s winter program which ends April 30, 2010. No flights were scheduled for today and replacement flights for the coming days have been arranged with other carriers, principally Air Transat and Enerjet.

Seventy percent of Sunquest’s remaining April winter flights are not affected and none of its customers on flights after May 1, 2010 are affected.

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