Republic keeps the Frontier name, will phase out the Midwest brand

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. The Midwest brand will now be retired.

Republic Airways Holdings (Indianapolis) has done the right thing with the selection of the Frontier Airlines (2nd) (Denver) name for its consolidated branded network. According to the holding group, “The retention of the Frontier Airlines name includes its iconic animal trademarks that have garnered more than 80 awards for groundbreaking communications and advertising and will now be leveraged across an even larger customer base.”

According to Republic, “The decision was announced after analyzing extensive data from customers and employees that underscored the importance of maintaining the best practices of both brands and will also help determine additional enhancements as the two networks transition to one consistent brand.”

This decision will retire the Midwest Airlines (Milwaukee) brand. Midwest is no longer an airline anyway. Midwest surrendered its AOC when the last Boeing 717 was phased out. Republic expects the integration process will take 12-18 months to repaint the aircraft still in Midwest colors. In addition to brand consolidation, the process will focus on developing and implementing attributes that will set Frontier Airlines apart in the industry. A dedicated Web site where details about the integration process will be posted has been established at

The Frontier employees who rallied to save their unique brand can now rest! Well done Republic.