IATA criticizes European governments on the airspace closures

Copyright Photo: Rainer Bexten. Not much is moving on the terminal ramp at Frankfurt on April 16.

IATA has strongly criticized the way European governments have handled the airspace closures due to the airborne Icelandic volcanic ash in this BBC report.

Read the full report:


Meanwhile some governments will begin opening their airspace today in a limited fashion (Finland is one). The ash plume has now also drifted west to Newfoundland (see the map in the BBC report) causing some concerns in eastern Canada.

Flights to and from Newfoundland have now been cancelled as a precaution. Read the full report:



In addition, officials in Iceland are concerned that a larger connected volcano (Katla) could also become active which it has done three times in the past.

The financial state of several European airlines are now a concern for IATA and other agencies representing the airlines.