Blue1 to add the Boeing 717

Image: Blue1 via Allan Huse.

Blue1 (Helsinki) will invest in 120-seat Boeing 717-200 aircraft for its fleet to meet the needs of its rapidly expanding route network and increasing operations.

Blue1 is focusing more and more on becoming a business travelers’ airline, with a strong emphasis on both the number of routes and operations. The contents of the service product are also being renewed to respond to the new needs of the Finnish business traveler. The Boeing 717 has an important role in the company’s route strategy and the growth of operations, as well as the service experience for our customers.

The first Boeing 717 aircraft will join the Blue1 fleet in the autumn of 2010. The total number of aircraft in the fleet will be nine within six months. With the acquisition of the Boeing 717, Blue1’s aim is to double its fleet in a couple of years and to transfer to a fleet of just one type of aircraft.

As part of this new introduction, Blue1 will also introduce an unique and different blue color scheme for each aircraft.