JetBlue (former) flight attendant storms off the plane using the emergency chute after an altercation with a passenger

JetBlue Airways’ (New York-JFK) flight attendant Steven Slater decided he had had enough of his job and went out with a roar.

A passenger stood up in the aircraft to retrieve his bag before the plane had completely stopped at New York (JFK) on a flight from Pittsburgh (we have all seen this happen). Mr. Slater, 38, after being hit in the head by the bag asked for an apology from the passenger. After not receiving one, he got on the intercom and let loose a string of expletives about the passenger and the job. Mr. Slater then, according to reports, pulled the emergency exit lever that activates the evacuation chute and slid down the chute for a speedy departure! He proceeded to go home and was later arrested.

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