United and Continental refine their “new” merger livery with a new font

United Airlines (Chicago) and Continental Airlines (Houston) revealed refinements to the visual branding for the new global airline that will result from the proposed merger between the two airlines.

The new logo displays the combined company’s brand name in capital letters (UNITED) in a custom sans-serif font, joined with the global mark which has represented Continental’s brand image since 1991.

A corresponding update of the combined airline’s aircraft livery will adopt Continental’s livery, colors and design, including its blue-gold-white globe image on the tail, combined with the new-style UNITED name on the fuselage.

Both airlines have earned strong brand recognition in one of the world’s most visible and highly competitive businesses. The new visual identity builds upon the significant value of each airline’s current brand, while advancing the combined airline’s future brand image.

For images of the new logo and livery, please visit UnitedContinentalMerger.com

What do think? Both current liveries are popular designs. The beautiful United 2004 “Tulip” color scheme will be retired with this proposal. Should there have been a completely new design for the “new” United? A new design would have cost more money to repaint the fleet. With this proposal it will be a simple change for the CO fleet to adopt the new “UNITED” titles. Comments below are welcome.

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  1. JL

    Ol Jeff gonna run “United” like it’s Continental – want evidence look at the s**** livery – it looks likes it’s Soviet era livery – he’ll run it like Continental which will lead 2nd failure.

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