Air Panama (2nd) adds its first Fokker 70

Copyright Photo: Louis Seldon. Previously operated by the Ford Motor Corporation, F.28 Mk. 0070 N324K (msn 11545) poses for the camera at Detroit (DTW) before repainting into Air Panama's colors.

Air Panama (2nd) (Panama City) added its first Fokker F.28 Mk. 0070 (Fokker 70) (msn 11545) on August 19. Turismo Aereo adopted this historical name in 2006.

Here is a route map:


4 thoughts on “Air Panama (2nd) adds its first Fokker 70

  1. Louis Seldon

    I have photos of the Air Panama Fokkers if you wish to see them, the Fokkers were previously operated by Ford Motor Corp; based in Detroit, MI. AP received one airplane the week before last, the second one is yet to be moved to Panama from Detroit; is still in Detroit.

  2. Louis Seldon

    P.S. the name Air Panama was previously the name of a company that operated DC-9 & went out of business around the time of the U.S. invasion of Panama in 1989 if I’m not mistaken.

  3. brucedrum Post author

    Yes, the original government-run Air Panama International was established in September 1967 but did not start operations until July 1967. The company originally operated DC-9-15/30s as mentioned and later added three Boeing 727-100s in 1970. With the fall of the government after the U.S. invasion, the airline as mentioned ceased operations in 1989.


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