Will there be a Pan Am Number 4?

Pan American Airways (4th) (Brownsville) is a proposed paper airline. The new company has issued the following statement:

“Pan American Airways will announce its return to the skies on Friday,
November 12 at noon in front of the historic Pan American Airways Building at the Brownsville South Padre Island International Airport. Pan American President Robert Hedrick will announce the start of operations and the re-opening of the Gateways to Latin America, which was pioneered by the original Pan American World Airways in Brownsville in 1929.

According to Hedrick, the new airline will offer 70 flights each month from Brownsville to various Latin American destinations. Rio de Janeiro will be a key destination in preparation for the 2016 Olympic Games. The air service will begin with cargo flights. Passenger service will follow.

The new Pan American Airways will be headquartered in the original Pan American Airways Building, which was home to the first Pan Am for more that 30 years. Former Pan Am employees from the 1930, 40 and 50ʼs eras will be honored at the rededication ceremony.

The airlineʼs future plans call for developing a southern route to Africa with service to such key cities as Johannesburg and Cape Verde. Offering scheduled service to this part of the world, over a southern route, will be a first in aviation history. Other airlines fly North Atlantic routes.

Brownsville is known as the crossroads of the hemisphere and the new airline president thinks it is the perfect location from which to re-launch the original Gateway to Latin America. Hedrick and his staff have been preparing for their grand opening for more than two years. “I want to thank all the communities in south Texas and northern Mexico which have welcomed us with open arms”, Hedrick said.”

While some of the history above is not accurate, we will wait to see if this paper airline ever becomes airborne. Please note there is no mention of the planned aircraft types. The prospective airline has also developed a new tail logo as the famous blue globe is owned by other parties.

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  1. Jose Dario ochoa

    I feel too happy of the return of the most venerable airline world wide. I now feel like a pan am employee back in 1959. When I stared with pan am in Maracaibo (mar) at the main city office managed by mr. Paul Nelson. Please send or email me paa 4 info. Thanks a lot.
    Jose Dario Ochoa (mar-cto). My email is josedario.ochoa@yahoo.com. Really thanks a lot.

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