Will hopeful “LV Air” ever fly?

LV Air (Las Vegas Airlines) (Las Vegas) is a new paper airline proposing to fly “wide bodies” between New York (JFK) and Las Vegas.

Visit their website:


Top Image: LV Air. Will Air France object to this badly altered image of a Boeing 777?




4 thoughts on “Will hopeful “LV Air” ever fly?

  1. Rob Goodman

    Another fly by nite carrier. When will people learn? Las Vegas based National flew 757 and couldn’t make it now wide bodies?

    1. brucedrum

      Thanks Rob. I think it will be a long-shot for them to get an AOC and actually launch flights. I too question the business plan using “wide-bodies”. I am not sure who is behind this latest paper airline.


      1. Rob Goodman

        Hey I think I just might start a paper airline. I can go to any web site builder buy a domain name. and build a web site. Hell my 12 yr daughter does graphics way better than these guys.

        We could even get a better modified airline paint scheme. and we would even leave off the French registration.

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