Ryanair vows to pull five Boeing 737s at Girona

Ryanair (Dublin) has announced it will pull five Boeing 737-800s from its Girona base (near Barcelona) on the Costa Brava as the new regional government choose not to honor the previous agreement signed between the airline and the previous Catalonia government.

Here is Ryanair’s statement:

“Ryanair, the world’s favorite airline, on February 15 confirmed the cancelation of its five year extension agreement at Barcelona Girona Airport, which was originally announced in December 2010, as the new Government of Catalonia has refused to honor its agreement with Ryanair.

In December 2010 Ryanair and the Government of Catalonia reached agreement on a five year extension of its base operation at Girona Airport under which Ryanair agreed to base 11 aircraft at Girona, operate 64 routes and deliver 4 million passengers per year, which would sustain up to 4,000 jobs in and around Girona Airport. However, the new Government has refused to honor the agreement despite being consulted on it by the outgoing Government.

Ryanair will, from the end of February, reduce its Girona operations by five aircraft, close 18 (of 64) routes and reduce frequencies on 17 other routes, with the loss of over 100 weekly flights, which will see Ryanair’s Girona traffic fall from 4 million to 2.3 million per year with the loss of up to 1,700 local jobs. Ryanair regrets the failure of the new Catalonia Government to honor its five year extension agreement with Spain’s largest airline, at a time when it should be trying to grow jobs and tourism in Catalonia. Ryanair will now switch these five aircraft to lower cost airports elsewhere in Europe.”

Will the Catalonia government now cave in with this new threat?

Copyright Photo: Antony J. Best. Please click on the photo for the aircraft details.