Alaska to drop LA service from Eureka and Redding

Alaska Airlines (Seattle/Tacoma) has announced it is discontinuing all flights from Eureka and Redding, California, to Los Angeles, effective on April 17, 2011. The Alaska (AS) coded flights are operated by Alaska Horizon (Horizon Air).

The decision to drop the service was due to the insufficient number of passengers flying between Eureka and Redding and Los Angeles. Alaska Horizon cannot operate the flights profitably which led to the decision to discontinue the service. Eureka and Redding are among the smallest intra-California markets that the Alaska Air Group serves.

Horizon Air has operated flights from Redding since 1992 and from Eureka since 1994.

Copyright Photo: James Helbock. Horizon Air is now operating as Alaska Horizon. Please click on the photo for the full story.