Czech Connect Airlines is declared insolvent, suspends operations

Czech Connect Airlines-CCA (formerly Central Charter Airlines) (Ostrava) has been declared insolvent (bankrupt) and the company has suspended all operations.

The company issued the following statement:

“In accordance with the decision taken by the company’s Board of Directors, the request of starting the insolvency proceeding of the airline has been filed at Regional Court of Ostrava, Czech Republic.

Owners of the Czech Connect Airlines, j.s.c. together with management of the company are now doing their best to find ways to rescue the airline and to minimize impacts of the above mentioned steps to airline’s customers, employees as well as business partners.

Following above mentioned steps, airline has decided to interrupt its operation from January, 24, 2012 till the end of the current IATA season (March, 21, 2012). Possibilities of alternative solution of air transport shall be negotiated with travel agencies or directly with passengers.”

Copyright Photo: Czech Connect Airlines/ CCA was operating one 148-seat Boeing 737-300 (OK-CCA) and one 156-seat 737-400 (OK-CCB).