USA 3000 Airlines to fade quietly into aviation history

USA 3000 Airlines (Philadelphia) is set to operate its last Airbus A320 flight on January 30.

Update: As planned, the last flight was operated on January 30, 2012 between Cancun and St. Louis. The airline had two Airbus A320s at the end.

In November 2011, parent Apple Vacations decided to dissolve USA 3000 Airlines. Apple Vacations will now use other carriers such as Frontier Airlines (2nd) (Denver) to fly its customers to the Caribbean.

USA 3000 has been gradually dropping the cities it serves. It is currently operating five Airbus A320s from St. Louis, Chicago (O’Hare), Cincinnati, Cleveland and Pittsburgh to vacation destinations in Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean region for Apple Vacations.

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Typical routes from Chicago (O’Hare):