Pet Airways is struggling to stay in the air

Pet Airways (Delray Beach) which does not have any aircraft of its own, was operating twice-monthly on a Los Angeles-Phoenix-Denver-Omaha-Chicago Midway-Farmingdale (near New York)-Washington Dulles-Atlanta Cobb County-Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood routing.

However the company is now getting bad press due to cancelled flights and stranded pets. According to this New York Times article it is unclear when the last flight was operated. The article also quotes Pet Airways as stating they are using Suburban Air Freight ( (Omaha) again as the carrier. Suburban and Pet Airways parted ways in September when Pet Airways selected another provider which has led to some of the operational problems.

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2 thoughts on “Pet Airways is struggling to stay in the air

  1. Jason

    Actually it was the other way around. Pet Airways dropped Suburban in September in lieu of a cheaper carrier that used Shorts 360 aircraft. The 360s could not handle the cold winter weather nor make it over the mountains of Colorado, being an unpressurized aircraft. Pet Airways came crawling back to Subair after the numerous cancelled flights.

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