A new PEOPLExpress Airlines is born!

PEOPLExpress Airlines (2nd) (Newport News/Williamsburg) is the latest new paper airline.

The prospective low-fare airline issued the following statement today:

“PEOPLExpress Airlines will take to the skies in 2012. At a press conference today (February 13) at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF) in Newport News, Virginia, the low-cost carrier announced it plans to begin service this coming summer. With a mission to serve markets currently underserved by major carriers, PEOPLExpress will offer deeply discounted fares to select cities in the eastern U.S. beginning with its base of operations at PHF. The arrival of the new carrier will also bring with it a significant number of jobs to the Hampton Roads area.

PEOPLExpress has filed its initial certification paperwork with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and will shortly file an application with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) to become a regularly scheduled passenger airline. Following approval from the FAA and DOT, PEOPLExpress will announce its plan to begin taking reservations.

The legacy namesake of the new PEOPLExpress operated in the United States from 1981 to 1987, and was at one time the fifth largest domestic airline with flights to most major U.S. cities, as well as select European destinations. The original PEOPLExpress changed the face of the airline industry in the 1980s, and the revived brand vows to re-ignite the brand’s unique spirit of innovation to address today’s market needs.

Mike Morisi, Chief Operating Officer and one of the champions of the rebirthed PEOPLExpress commented, “With the recent decline in airline service due to mergers and consolidations, we have all had to travel farther out of our way to get anywhere. Flights are more expensive and the many ancillary fees make flying a hassle. Our goal is to make flying fun again. We will eliminate most fees for items such as checked bags and seat assignments aboard our fleet of Boeing 737-400 aircraft. Passengers will be seated in a single cabin with 158 seats with a pricing structure that is significantly more affordable than regional service provided by feeder airlines.”

Steve Mallon, Chairman of the Peninsula Airport Commission said, “We are excited to have an opportunity to work with PEOPLExpress as they launch new air service into the industry. PEOPLExpress’s model for great customer service and low fares should be a hit with our community.”

Hampton Roads residents will have access to affordable, non-stop service, but they are not the only beneficiaries. With a short drive to popular destinations like Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Williamsburg and the Outer Banks of North Carolina from the PHF, PEOPLExpress service will be a convenient, low-cost option for in-bound business, military, and leisure travelers. This same low-cost service will be offered to other cities, such as Pittsburgh, PA, Providence, RI, West Palm Beach, FL and Newark, NJ, where airline consolidation over the past few years has led to a reduction of nonstop air service.

The arrival of the PEOPLExpress at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport also means a boost for the local economy in job creation. Newport News will serve as a base for pilots, ground and inflight customer service personnel, mechanics, reservationists, operations personnel, and administrative staff. In addition, the presence of PEOPLExpress will also stimulate an equal or greater number of jobs in support industries such as hotels, rental cars, restaurants, tourism attractions, housing, and corporate relocations for the region. PEOPLExpress has leased 15,000 square feet of space in the old terminal building at the Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport for their corporate headquarters.

In support of its emergence, the airline is working with the investment banking firm of WR Hambrecht & Co. to complete the financing necessary to meet the airline’s start up needs. WR Hambrecht & Co. has the distinction of having financed the original PEOPLExpress Airlines as well as Apple, LinkedIn, Google, Genentech and dozens of others.”

Original PEOPLExpress (1st) co-founder Hap Pareti is also involved as an unpaid “advisor” according to this article by dailypress.com.

Read the article: CLICK HERE

The would-be proposed airline is using the same logo and type style as the first PEOPLExpress but a new green color scheme is being developed.

Top Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum. Please click on the photo above for information on the first airline with this name.

Bottom Copyright Image: PEOPLExpress Airlines (2nd).

PEOPLExpress (1st) Photo Gallery: CLICK HERE

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  3. Steven Tringali

    Please pick up the route from Newport News to NY LaGuardia. This is such a convenience for people who live on Long Island. I used to take AirTran to Newport News but that has been taken away from the public. What about Islip Mac Arthur. Thanks

    1. brucedrum

      Steven, that will be tough for them as an upstart since LGA is slot-controlled airport. They will need slots to serve LGA.


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