Boeing’s ZA003 arrives in Mexico City

Boeing’s (Chicago) 787 Dreamliner landed for the first time in Mexico City yesterday as part of its World Tour. Over the next day-and-a-half, Aeromexico executives, employees, and special invited guests will get a chance to tour and experience much of the airplane’s cutting-edge technological advancements.

AeroMexico was the first carrier in Latin America to commit to the Dreamliner when it announced it would lease three 787s from ILFC in June 2006 and then the first carrier in the region to order the airplane with a firm order for two Dreamliners in August of that same year.

This is the airplane’s first visit to Mexico City – the world’s third largest metropolitan area. Sitting higher than 7,300 ft (2,225 meters), Mexico City has always played an integral part in Boeing’s flight test programs for high altitude testing.

The airplane, ZA003, was originally used for flight testing but has been elegantly refurbished to showcase the standard capabilities and features of the 787 including an interior that highlights the many passenger-preferred features of the airplane.

In other news, Boeing has completed all flight tests expected to be required for type certification of the 787-8 Dreamliner with General Electric GEnx engines. This marks the end of all certification flight testing associated with the baseline model of the 787. Testing on engine and airframe improvements will continue as needed, as it does for all airplane programs.

Ground testing to complete certification requirements has also concluded.

The final flight concluded late last month with the landing of the 35th 787 built.
Flight testing is one of many elements reviewed by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration before it certifies a new airplane type. Certification of the 787 Dreamliner with Rolls-Royce engines was completed in August 2011. Each new combination of airframe type and engine requires additional certification.

Copyright Photo: Boeing.