American Eagle’s ALPA head responds to reorganization proposals

American Eagle Airlines (2nd) has started briefing its unions on the steps it wants to take to reorganize under Chapter 11. The American Eagle ALPA chairman has officially responded to the first round of negotiations:

Capt. Tony Gutierrez, chairman of the American Eagle arm of the Air Line Pilots Association, International, released the following statement:

“Today (March 21), in a meeting with the various American Eagle labor group leaders, American Eagle management presented their view of what it will take to restructure our airline. Individual meetings with each labor group followed this larger gathering where management delivered their terms sheet proposal. This proposal represents what Eagle management claims is necessary from the pilot group in order to reach its goals and exit bankruptcy as a successful, competitive, and thriving company.

“During the next few weeks, ALPA’s economic and financial experts, bankruptcy counsel, and negotiators will analyze the proposal, management’s overall restructuring objectives, and its financial justifications. This analysis will consist of cost comparisons and validation, as well as alternative cost savings.

“Following this analysis, ALPA will begin negotiations with the intent to negotiate a consensual deal with management that is workable from both sides of the table that provides management with justifiable cost savings while protecting the quality of life for all Eagle Pilots and its ability to recruit new pilots.”

Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum.

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