Corsairfly rebrands as Corsair International

Corsairfly ( (Paris-Orly) is going back to its roots, rebranding as Corsair International with an imposing new livery. The first aircraft has not yet been painted, but an Airbus A330-200 is expected to be repainted this summer.

According to Wikipedia, the French airline was established in 1981 and started operations on May 17, 1981 as Corse Air International. It was founded by the Corsican Rossi family and was acquired by Nouvelles Frontières, a French tour operator, in 1990 and the name was changed to Corsair. Worldwide traffic rights were obtained in 1991. In 2000 TUI AG, one of the world’s leading tour operator groups, took over Nouvelles Frontières. In 2004, Corsair aircraft were repainted in the above TUI colors using the Corsairfly name. On March 22, 2012, the airline announced it was changing its name to Corsair International.

Top Copyright Photo: Arnd Wolf.

Corsairfly Slide Show: CLICK HERE

Bottom Image: Corsairfly. The Boeing 747-400s are being phased out so they are unlikely to be painted in this new scheme.