Bhoja Air’s Boeing 737-236 AP-BKC crashes near Islamabad killing all 127 on board

Bhoja Air (2nd) (Karachi) had just relaunched operations on March 6, 2012 after a long hiatus. The former Bhoja Air (1st) previously ceased all operations in 2001. Former British Airways (G-BKYI) and Comair (ZS-OLB) Boeing 737-236 AP-BKC (msn 23167) was operating flight B4 213 from Karachi to Islamabad last evening (April 20) when the flight crew declared an emergency (some reports indicate the wing and engine were reported to be on fire). The crew was unable to control the jetliner in a thunderstorm and it crashed approximately 5 kilometers from Islamabad (ISB) Airport. All 127 passengers and crew members were killed in the violent crash.

According to this report by the Associated Press (AP) the owner (Farooq Bhoja) is being held from leaving the country as Pakistan intends to hold a judicial commission to investigate the crash.

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