AeroSur is limping along operating a limited schedule, its future questionable

AeroSur (Compañía Boliviana de Transporte Aéreo Privado Aerosur, S.A) (Santa Cruz) which we previously reported, ceased all operations on March 31 stranding some passengers. The company filed for bankruptcy protection and reorganization.

The Bolivian airline managed to resume a limited schedule with at least two Boeing 737-300s on April 6. Per the Amadeus schedule listings, the carrier has reduced its schedule by at least 52 percent from the previous pre-bankruptcy schedule. In addition, the airline has been canceling scheduled flights which has been reported by the media as it attempts to reorganize.

However the airline faces a daunting task. On April 24 IATA canceled the AeroSur code which now prevents travel agents and other IATA airlines from purchasing tickets on the airline. The airline can only sell tickets in its offices. However recent media reports in Bolivia indicate most AeroSur offices are now closed so the status of the airline is minute to minute. The airline is also threatening to lay off 1,200 employees in Bolivia.

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Copyright Photo: Marcelo F. De Biasi.

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