American Eagle’s Embraer ERJ 145LR N657AE overruns the runway at Chicago O’Hare

American Eagle Airlines‘ (2nd) (Dallas/Fort Worth) flight MQ 4069 operated with Embraer ERJ 145LR N657AE (msn 145744) had just departed from Chicago (O’Hare) yesterday (May 31) bound for Tulsa with 28 passengers and three crew members on board. After climbing away the crew decided to return to ORD due to an unsafe landing gear indication light. The aircraft landed long and ran off into the runway safety area. There were no injuries or damage to the aircraft. The previous day an American Eagle aircraft at ORD had its stabilizer clipped by taxiing Boeing 747 cargo aircraft. Reportedly this aircraft was involved in a safety standby alert the previous day.

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Copyright Photo: Bruce Drum.

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