Pluna’s CEO warns of a “collapse”

Pluna Lineas Aereas Uruguayas‘ (Montevideo) CEO Matias Campiani, according to this Bloomberg Businessweek article, is resisting a government bailout offer, saying that unless politicians provide more protection from unfair foreign airline competition, “everything we built will collapse.” The warning was contained in a letter sent to the Pluna employees.

Pluna is halting operations on the Santiago-Concepción (Chile) route on June 11, blaming the winter conditions (fog) at the airports, which has forced them to suspend many flights and relocate its passengers to other companies.

Pluna is coming under stiff competition from other airlines but it also suffering from a sudden loss of Argentine traffic due to the recent stiff currency restrictions imposed on Argentines by the government of Argentina. Argentines who often flock to Uruguay’s beaches, are now curtaining their trips due to the restrictions. Pluna is now experiencing a plunge in traffic according to the article.

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