American addresses bankruptcy judge’s concerns, makes a new push to void the pilot’s contract

American Airlines (Dallas/Fort Worth) through the AMR Corporation has listened to the concerns of bankruptcy court judge Sean Lane and revised its motion accordingly. AMR is now making a new effort to seek bankruptcy court approval to void the collective bargaining contract with its pilots through the Allied Pilots Association (APA) according to this report by Reuters.

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Meanwhile, the creditors committee (after being briefed by AMR) urged both the pilots and the flight attendants to quickly reach a new agreement with management rather than take the consequences of a voided contract. The creditors told the unions AMR cannot sweeten the deal already tentatively agreed by management and union leadership. The pilot membership voted down the recent tentative agreement. APA’s president resigned after the members voted down this agreement.

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Copyright Photo: Michael B. Ing. Boeing 767-323 ER N360AA (msn 24041) departs from Los Angeles.