Angara Airlines to introduce the Antonov An-148-100E in Siberia on December 20

Angara An-148-100 (Grd)(Angara)(LR)

Angara Airlines (Irkutsk) has taken delivery of three Antonov An-148-100E jetliners. The carrier will introduce the new type on December 20 in Siberia. The airline issued this statement (translated from Russian):

On December 20, the company’s new An-148 will operate flights from Irkutsk to Mirniy, Novosibirsk and also from Novosibirsk to Mirniy. On January 15, 2013 the Russian carrier will start Irkutsk – Yakutsk and Novosibirsk – Chita service with the new type.

According to the remote carrier, the An-148-100E can operate at low temperatures and high mountains and is capable of landing on unprepared landing areas. The aircraft were specially finished. In particular, the fleet has been enhanced with heating of doors and hatches and enhanced engine heating to prevent freezing.

Angara was established in 2000 and belongs to the group of companies known as Eastland. In 2010, Angara merged with Irkutsk Avia.

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Angara An-148-100 (Flt)(Angara)(LR)

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Angara Fleet 1

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