Southwest Airlines’ Boeing 737-7H4 N718SW exits the taxiway at Islip, Long Island

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Southwest Airlines (Dallas) had a minor incident yesterday (December 27) at Islip, Long Island that attracted some media interest. Boeing 737-7H4 N718SW (msn 27852) exited the taxiway at Islip while taxiing and the nose wheel got mired in the soft dirt. The airline issued the following statement:

This morning (December 27), flight  WN 4695 leaving Islip for Tampa exited the taxiway during taxi from the gate. The aircraft had 129 customers on board, and there were no reported injuries. The customers deplaned the aircraft and were bussed back to the terminal where a replacement aircraft will take them to their original destination. Maintenance crews are working to move the aircraft and evaluate it for any damage.

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