Air Lituanica to launch operations to Brussels on June 30

Air Lituanica logo

Air Lituanica (Vilnius) is a new Lithuanian airline that is set to commence operations with an Embraer 170 leased from Estonian Air. The new airline intends to launch operations on June 30 to Brussels and on July 8 to Amsterdam. The airline intends to expand later to Berlin, Prague, Munich, and Moscow.

Planned Route Map:

Air Lituanica 6:2013 Route Map

The company has presented this information about the new company on its website:

Air Lituanica is a new Lithuanian airline. The company plans to begin convenient direct flights from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, and to improve air travel links with Lithuania.

In preparation for the start of flights, Air Lituanica is presenting to the public its company brand, which is inspired by Lithuanian history and aviation tradition.

The new company’s name commemorates the nonstop flight of Lithuanian pioneer pilots Steponas Darius and Stasys Girėnas across the Atlantic Ocean in a small aircraft named Lituanica in 1933. The company’s logo features an old-style Lithuanian cross with two transepts, a symbol which was often used in Lithuanian aviation in the inter-war period. In the Air Lituanica logo this cross is modernised and it becomes stylised aircraft propeller blades.

Air Lituanica company symbols also make use of the ducal seal of Vytautas Magnus, Grand Duke of Lithuania, to symbolise the Lithuanian origin of the airline. The company symbol is presented on a rich red background. Historically, red was the most important colour for symbols of nationhood of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, representing energy and vitality.

Air Lituanica, our new airline, will base its services on the fundamental values of flight safety, reliability and convenience.

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Planned Livery:

Air Lituanica ERJ 170 (13)(Drawing)(LR)

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