JetBlue to upgrade its Airbus A321 trans-con product in 2014

JetBlue A321-200 (05-Mosaic)(Flt)(Airbus)(LRW)

JetBlue Airways (New York) is planning to upgrade its trans-Continental product on its new Airbus A321s to better compete against other airlines. The upgrade reportedly includes a new Business Class that will have four “Private Suites” according to a certification submission to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) by Airbus.

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The airline has issued this statement:

This past March at our Analyst Day, we took the opportunity to share our plan to offer a new experience to compete with other airlines’ transcon premium products. It was a hint of a really exciting project evolution happening here at JetBlue.  As excited as we are, we’re not going to share any details on this new experience until we’re ready.

Yesterday, many outlets began reporting on a filing Airbus made to the Federal Aviation Administration about seating configurations on our incoming A321 aircraft. The coverage definitely indicated what we’ve known internally for a while now: we’re working on something BIG.  We can’t say anything too specific, but we can tell you this:

Thirteen years ago JetBlue revolutionized the economy experience, and when we launch this new experience in 2014 we will do the same in the premium trans-con market.  JetBlue has always been about offering the best product at the most reasonable price.  When we bring the JetBlue way of doing things to this new space, we won’t just offer an experience to compete with the other guys – we’ll be setting the new standard.

While the FAA filing from Airbus contains the technical specifications as part of the certification process, keep in mind that the specs aren’t details. You haven’t seen anything yet!

Image: Airbus.

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