Tiger Airways rolls out its new Tigerair livery

Tigerair A320-200 (13)(Roll Out)(LR)

Tiger Airways (Singapore) has been rebranded as Tigerair and modified its color scheme. The first Airbus A320 has been modified.

The airline issued this statement:

Over the years as we expanded, we found that people travel to explore new destinations, to escape from their busy day-to-day lives or to connect and bond with family and friends. We recognized how much emotions and memories play a role in travel. Our refreshed brand represents this.

We embrace the simple belief that travel is about enabling great experiences and memories. Affordable air fares empower people to pursue their dreams which lead to relaxation, joy and great new experiences.

We aspire to be the leading airline and travel partner connecting people across Asia Pacific and our new brand reflects this aspiration.

Tigerair logo

Our new logo is simplified to depict the personality of the new Tigerair brand — warm, passionate and genuine.

The rounded fonts depict friendliness while the two dots, the first in grey and the second in orange, symbolises Tigerair’s role in connecting our customers from one point to another. The different coloured dots also depict a friendly wink.

The orange semi-circle acts as a subtle reference to a tiger’s tail, as well as a smile, representative of the passion and commitment in everything we do.

All photos and images: Tigerair.

Tiger Airways (Singapore): AG Slide Show