JetBlue Airways announces its TrueBlue Badges

JetBlue TrueBlue Badges (JetBlue)(LR)

JetBlue Airways (New York) has announced its “TrueBlue Badges” to help passengers track their flights and cities visited (like the Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts). Here is the announcement from the JetBlue blog:

Girl Scouts aren’t the only ones who can rock badges. Today our TrueBlue team got in on the act by launching our new Badges program. TrueBlue Badges is a new way to get members even more involved in JetBlue and TrueBlue by recognizing and rewarding them for way more than just flying.

Just head over to and login to your TrueBlue account to get started. Don’t have a TrueBlue account? Why not, it’s free! Sign up now!

Mappy map

Once you turn on Badges, you’ll start to see your JetBlue flight activity recorded on your own personal map. (Be the first to collect all 80+ announced cities!) We have more than 280 badges to dole out for things like interacting with TrueBlue partners, getting social on social media, sharing their experience with friends and family, and more. Apart from bragging rights for scoring badges, participants will also earn TrueBlue points for most of the Badges they collect. Oh, and there’s one more thing: it’s a competition. Game on!

Earn REAL TrueBlue points for sharing on social sites! I flew to Aruba and back and all I got was some TrueBlue points, a badge, and some incredible memories!

Every day, the leaderboard will be updated with your current ranking against the competition: other TrueBlue Badge seekers. You can even share your progress and personalized Badge map by linking your Facebook and TrueBlue accounts.

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