Aviation Partners Boeing signs 737-800 Split Scimitar Winglets order with TUI Travel

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Aviation Partners Boeing (APB) (Seattle) has announced it has formally received an order from TUI Travel PLC for Boeing 737-800 Split Scimitar Winglets. This program is the culmination of a five year design effort using the latest computational fluid dynamic technology to redefine the aerodynamics of the Blended Winglet into an all new Split Scimitar Winglet.  The unique feature of the Split Scimitar Winglet is that it uses the existing Blended Winglet structure, but adds new strengthened spars, aerodynamic scimitar tips, and a large ventral fin.  This advanced technology winglet is the ultimate winglet in terms of performance, without increasing the existing wing span.

Earlier this year, APB launched the Split Scimitar Winglet program for the provisioned wing 737-800 (line number 778 and on) and 737-900 ER with an order from United Airlines.  FAA supplemental type certification for the Boeing 737-800 is targeted for October 2013 and EASA certification planned for December 2013.  Certification flight testing of Split Scimitar Winglets is currently underway.

APB estimates Split Scimitar Winglet Systems installed on a Boeing 737-800 will save TUI Travel up to 200 metric tons (65,000 gallons) of jet fuel per aircraft, per year resulting in a corresponding carbon dioxide emissions reduction up to 630 metric tons per aircraft, per year. The fuel savings can enable a 737-800 to increase its payload up to 3,300 pounds or increase its range up to 60 nautical miles.  APB also expects to certify an improvement in low speed performance that will generate take-off benefits at high/hot or obstacle limited runways.

APB will also certify 6 additional Boeing Next-Generation 737 configurations.  These include: structurally provisioned (line number 1545 and on) and non-provisioned (pre-line number 1545) 737-700 and BBJ1, non-provisioned (pre-line number 778) 737-800, and structurally provisioned (line number 778 and on) 737-900.

Nearly 5,000 Blended Winglet Systems are now in service with over 200 airlines in more than 100 countries. APB estimates that Blended Winglets have saved airlines worldwide more than 3.8 billion gallons of jet fuel to-date.

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