Zagrosjet acquires its first Airbus A321, starts passenger flights

Zagrosjet A321-200 YI-AQU (13)(Ldg) ARN (Zagrosjet)(LR)

Zagrosjet (formerly Zagros Air) (Erbil, Iraq) is the airline in the autonomous Kurdistan region of northern Iraq. The carrier is partly owned by Atlasjet (Istanbul) of Turkey. The company was established in October 2005 as Zagros Air by the Zagros Group. The Kurdish airline adopted the current Zagrosjet name in August 2013 and as of October 2, 2013 is operating an Airbus A321-231 (YI-AQU) on routes from Erbil to Adana, Amman, Ankara, Beirut, Gaziantep, Istanbul and Stockholm (Arlanda).

The company issued this statement:

Zagrosjet, the first and only Kurdish carrier in history proudly announces its official flights to different destinations in Middle East, Turkey and Europe, which include Amman, Beirut, Stockholm, Ankara, and Adana in the first phase.

On October 2, 2013, we celebrated the first departure of our Airbus A321-200 from Erbil International Airport directly to Ankara, Republic of Turkey. Followed by scheduled flights according to the official timetable and will be in two configurations: Business and Economy class.

Thanks to the Iraqi Federal Government and Kurdistan Regional Government for all their support and assistance. With this event, we will not only develop our milestone, as we believe, we are also writing the preface in Kurdish aviation history, keeping air transportation development parallel to all other developments in all other sectors achieved in Kurdistan during the last few years.

Zagrosjet was established in October 2005 by Zagros Group and licensed as an Air Carrier by Ministry of Transportation – Iraq on June 2013 to perform scheduled and unscheduled passenger and Cargo flights.

By 2014, Zagrosjet will commence flights to Umrah and Hajj followed by several other destinations in Europe, as we aim to connect Kurdistan Region and Iraq to the world and to be the most preferred carrier in the country.

Aside from network expansion, we will be opening our own flight academy in the near future to train Kurdish pilots and establish our own technical department for aircraft maintenance and services.


Copyright Photo: Zagrosjet.

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