Grand Cru Airlines is planning to add its third Boeing 737-300 and its first Airbus A320

Grand Cru logo-A320

Grand Cru Airlines (Vilnius) started ACMI and charter operations on June 21, 2013 with a single Boeing 737-300. A second 737-300 was added and a third will be added next year. Now the new company is planning to add its first Airbus A320.

The airline issued this statement:

On June 21, 2013 one of the newest companies in the market, Grand Cru Airlines began offering charter flights and providing “Wet Lease” (ACMI), “Dry Lease” and “Hybrid Lease” services, started flights from Vilnius along with its recently acquired Boeing 737-300.

Grand Cru Airlines acquired another Boeing 737-300 aircraft which will also be used for leasing and charter flights. The company announces that during the winter season aircraft will be actively used for flying passengers to Antalya, Bodrum, Heraklion, and Sharm El Sheikh. Currently it is also capable of cargo transportation but for the time being Grand Cru Airlines priority is passengers.

Though the competition in this field is high, the company is not afraid of hardships since it is leasing its aircraft on flexible and affordable conditions. Grand Cru Airlines is planning to acquire the third Boeing 737-300 in 2014. The company will also have an opportunity to acquire one Airbus A320 type aircraft so that it could adapt to the changing market in the future.

The airline also explains its unique name:

The term “grand cru” describes a vineyard in France where high quality wine is produced and refers to a class that is an official grade of French wine. Generally, “grand cru” indicates something that possesses a favorable and positive reputation. Therefore, this term is widely applied to describe different products.

Literally, “grand cru” refers to “belief without any doubt” and defines reliable, valuable, and top quality things.

Basically, Grand Cru Airlines has the same characteristics: potential for great growth by reason of its essential values.

Image: Grand Cru Airlines.