Aerovias DAP brings rock band Metallica to King George Island

Antarctica 146-200 CC-CZP Metallic Band (Marcelo Villegas)(LR)

Aerovias DAP (Antarctica Airways) (Punta Arenas) brought the well known rock band Metallica to Teniente Marsh airfield (SCRM) of the Chilean Base Presidente Frei, located on King George island, South Shetland archipelago near Antarctica on December 6. The trip was flown on Aerovías DAP BAe 146-200 CC-CZP from Punta Arenas’ Presidente Ibáñez International Airport (SCCI/PUQ). After its landing, the band saluted personnel deployed there before boarding the Orthelus ship, that brought Metallica and supporters to the Argentine base Carlini, where its concert of December 12 will take place.

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According to Wikipedia, “Metallica is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. The band’s fast tempos, instrumentals, and aggressive musicianship placed them as one of the founding “big four” of thrash metal alongside Slayer, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Metallica formed in 1981 when James Hetfield responded to an advertisement that drummer Lars Ulrich had posted in a local newspaper. The current line-up features founders Hetfield (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Ulrich (drums), longtime lead guitarist Kirk Hammett and bassist Robert Trujillo since 2003.”
Thanks to Alvaro Romero/ for his report from Chile.
Copyright Photo: Marcelo Villegas on Twitter (@marvil19)
Aerovias DAP describes its Antarctica operations (operated as Antarctica Airways) on its website:

Antarctica Flights 

You will be part of an unforgettable experience that will take you to one of the farthest points ongorros Earth. The coldest, highest, windiest, driest and less populated continent. A continent that has been completely sunk by ice, which has not only shaped its topography, but has also influenced its evolution.

This place is one of the only places on Earth that is still pristine. It is therefore, why, it has become an important reserve for the biosphere. Its unique beauty contrasted with its extreme weather conditions, make it an exotic and enchanting destination for all those privileged travelers who are planning a visit to the end of the world.

The Antarctica is an ecological wonder that mesmerizes explorers, scientists and travelers.

On our aircraft you will fly over the Magellan Strait, Tierra del Fuego Island, Darwin Mountain Range, the mythical Cape Horn and the raft Drake Passage. Finally arriving at King George Island, gateway to the white continent, where most of the antarctic scientific bases are located.

Here you can also find the Chilean village “Villa Las Estrellas”, place where several Chilean families live all year round.
You will visit the impressive landscapes of the white continent, see part of its wildlife and experience the daily life of men populating this territory in the name of science and investigation.

Full Day Program

Description of the Program:

At your arrival to Pta. Arenas you will have included 03 nights of accommodations in base of double room including one dinner or lunch per person daily at the hotel Cabo de Hornos or similar. If passenger needs any additional night because of the delay of the trip due to weather conditions or others, in this case the extra night is by passenger side.

On the day prior to the flight one of our guides accompanied by one of our commercial department representatives, will give you a short description about the Antarctic Program at 8:00 pm at your hotel in Punta Arenas. After that, you will enjoy a welcome cocktail in the same hotel.

Day Program :

– Transfer from hotel to Punta Arenas Airport to board the DAP plane with destination to King George Island (Antarctica)

– At your arrival, you will be welcomed by our Antarctica-expert tour guide, who will take you on a tour visiting the following venues:

– ‘Villa Las Estrellas’ (First settlement inhabited by civilians)

– Visit to the Drake Passage area, where we will observe a colony of different seals along
the beach.

– Lunch or a snack depending on the place and time of arrival.

-Navigation on a zodiac boat to Ardley Island to visit some penguin colonies.

-Navigation to Collins glacier.

-Return to Punta Arenas after a 5-hour tour (depending on weather conditions).

– Transfer from Airport to the Hotel in Punta Arenas


– Passengers will be taken on a caterpillar truck to the Ice Camp based on Collins glacier, located about 10 km. (6 miles) from the runway. Where you will stay overnight.

-Visit to the Collins glacier and scientific bases the next day.

-Walk to the “Elefanteras” (sea elephant colony)

-It is also possible to visit other tourist attractions, depending on the weather conditions, before returning to Punta Arenas.

The whole program, which includes accommodation, visits, walks and navigations, is subject to weather conditions, and may change.

Please refrain from touching or handling the fauna and flora, as it is important to preserve the native surroundings. The protection of the environment is a legacy to our future generations.

Note 1: Meals and beverages are included in all our programs. Please, let us know in advance if you have any special nutritional requirements.

Note 2: At the time of the booking, please give us all passengers’ full name, passport numbers, birth date and nationality.

Note 3: At the time of booking, please give us all passenger’s clothes and shoes size in order to provide them with Wellingtons for the excursion and a present.

Insurance: DAP declares that our insurance of civil liability covers all passengers against risks while they are on the airplane and when boarding or disembarking via the stairs.

Therefore, all passengers must have the necessary insurance to cover civil liability derived from any injuries or illnesses that they may sustain while being outside the plane.

Likewise, the operator must demand passengers to have a rescue insurance that covers a potential evacuation from Antarctica by air. The parties involved consider an
essential subject that all passengers have the insurance mentioned above.


Clothing recommended to be worn for this trip include:

– Pants cover and windbreak (at least)
– Gloves and hats
– Trekking shoes
– Sunblock
– 2 additional pairs of warm socks

Aerovias DAP Antartica Airways 1:2013 Route Map