JetBlue Airways launches high-speed inflight Wi-Fi services

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JetBlue Airways (New York) today became the first airline to use high-speed Ka-band satellite connectivity with the launch of Fly-Fi™, its branded inflight internet product. As the next-generation inflight Wi-Fi, Fly-Fi™ for the first time brings travelers real broadband internet in the sky and the same at-home internet speeds they are accustomed.

JetBlue Fly-Fi Ka-band satellite connectivity is eight times faster than older, slower inflight connections offered on other U.S. airlines. During the beta period rollout, JetBlue will offer free basic web browsing on board, called Simply Surf, on Fly-Fi equipped aircraft through June 2014. In addition, JetBlue offers a live video streaming high-bandwidth plan, Fly-Fi Plus, at $9 per hour for applications like streaming movies or large downloads. JetBlue has partnered with its inflight entertainment and connectivity subsidiary LiveTV as well as satellite provider ViaSat to bring Fly-Fi to life.

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“Every traveler using Wi-Fi on JetBlue or any other carrier should test their connection with, and post their speeds using #WiFiFlightSpeed on social networks. Travelers should be able to see the speeds of all Wi-Fi systems in the sky and make an informed choice,” said Marty St. George, JetBlue senior vice president marketing and commercial strategy. “Customers should demand fast broadband and should discover what true broadband inflight connectivity means.” is an accepted public standard for internet speed measurement.

Creating Fly-Fi™

JetBlue has spent more than two years working with its wholly owned subsidiary, LiveTV, and ViaSat to create the best customer Wi-Fi experience in the sky. JetBlue set out to find the best onboard internet technology available. With existing technology too slow or too costly, JetBlue chose a different path that mirrors how it approaches bringing humanity back to air travel: invent a new, better experience that puts the customer’s needs first.

JetBlue launches today with three Fly-Fi aircraft, five by yearend and more than 140 aircraft by yearend 2014. JetBlue’s Airbus A320 and A321 fleet will receive their Fly-Fi upgrades during 2014 at a rate of as many as 15 aircraft per month, while the Embraer 190 fleet will be completed in 2015.

In addition to launching Fly-Fi, JetBlue expects to allow taxi-in to taxi-out use of Fly-Fi by January 2014. JetBlue was the first airline to offer expanded use of electronic devices last month.

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