TransAsia Airways announces the name of its new low-fare subsidiary: V air

TransAsia Airways logo

TransAsia Airways (Taipei) has announced the name of its new low-fare subsidiary. The name V air (Wei Hang) was selected through a contest. A new logo will be developed. Two winners were announced and will receive free travel. The “V” is representative of the word “victory” and the well-known “V” hand signal according to the press release written in Chinese. The new airline is expected to launch operations later this year.

TransAsia Airways:AG Slide Show

V air logo


3 thoughts on “TransAsia Airways announces the name of its new low-fare subsidiary: V air

  1. Ray Reyes

    I wonder if someone from this company went to the University of Southern California. USC fans use the “V” hand sign all the time in its athletic contests. Its the “sign” for USC! FIGHT ON!

    1. Bruce Drum

      Thank you Ray. I think it goes back a lot further. The “V sign” was used heavily by Allied troops during World War II for victory. During the 1960s the counterculture movement adopted the “V sign” so it has a lot of fathers so to speak. It has become an universal hand signal, hence the new airline name.


      1. Ray Reyes

        Excellent. Thanks Bruce. I was not aware of that. I’m sure the “V” was not exclusive to USC, but it came to mind as a USC alum. I wish this new subsidiary the best!

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