Silver Airways to offer preferential interview and hiring opportunities for Broward College student pilots

SIlver Airways-Broward College Signing Ceremony (Silver)(LR)

Silver Airways (Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood) issued this statement about its proactive actions to attract more pilots:

As part of its proactive and innovative initiatives to recruit and retain qualified professional pilots, Silver Airways today (March 18) announced a preferential hiring partnership that will facilitate building career opportunities for new aviators.

Under the partnership, Silver will offer preferential interview and hiring opportunities to qualified first officer candidates who have graduated from the college’s Professional Pilot Technology degree program.

In addition to this partnership with Broward College, Silver Airways is pursuing other innovative pilot recruiting avenues, including $6,000 signing bonuses for new pilots, $2,500 employee referral bonuses, and exploring options with schools on launching possible tuition and scholarship assistance programs.

Copyright Photo: Silver Airways. Silver Airways and Broward College representatives are pictured signing a preferential hiring agreement (pictured left to right front row: President Broward College J. David Armstrong, Chair Broward College District Board of Trustees Sean Guerin, Silver Airways President and CEO Dave Pflieger. Back row: students from Broward College Aviation Institute.)

Silver Airways: AG Slide Show