TransAsia Airways unveils a new black bear logo for V air and two new Airbus A321 liveries

V air press conference (MNG)(LRW)

TransAsia Airways (Taipei) as we previously reported, in January 2014 announced the name of its new low-fare subsidiary. The name V air (Wei Hang) was selected through a contest. The new logo featuring a black bear has just been unveiled today in Taipei.

V Air logo

The “V” is representative of the word “victory” and the well-known “V” hand signal according to the press release written in Chinese.

TransAsia unveiled today at a press conference two Airbus A321 models fitted with Sharklets sporting two variant liveries.

V air A321 models (MNG)(LRW)

The first A321 will arrive in a few weeks and will initially be operated under TransAsia name and brand however it will be repainted in September into the new V air livery featuring a black bear tail logo.

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