Airline 4.0 wants to be 4th major carrier in the United States

Airline 4.0 logo

Airline 4.0 (Las Vegas) with unorthodox name, wants to be the next generation airline and wants to grow to become the “4th major network carrier in the United States”. The “concept airline” is going through the capital-raising phase before applying for  an operating certificate. The airline has issued this description:

Airline 4.0 is the next generation airline.

It will strive to foster a global community through culture and commerce and revolutionize the passenger experience.

Airline 4.0 will be innovative and proactive in deploying new technology and methodology for the benefit of its employees and customers.

With this focus on a strong workforce and customer appreciation, Airline 4.0 will be known as the premier global lifestyle airline.

Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, Airline 4.0 is currently in the seeding stage of the startup process.

In the coming months, Airline 4.0 will be reaching out to prospective airports, equipment suppliers, and other industry-related services leading towards government certification for regularly-scheduled commercial flights.

Executive Summary

Consumer sentiment towards the major network airlines are at an all time low. With the global economic recovery in full swing, the lowering cost of jet-fuel, and airline consolidation in North America, the industry favors the inaguration of a new major network airline.

Airline 4.0 aims to become the 4th major network carrier in the United States. It will foster a global community through culture and commerce. With a focus on technological innovation, Airline 4.0 will revolutionize the passenger expereince and create an enviable workforce.

Product Offering

Airline 4.0 will deploy the most advanced technology for the benefit of its employees and customers.

Brand building will also include setting the “cool” and “hip” image associated with Pan American World Airways, but for the modern jet-set generation.

While customers view travel as getting from point A to point B, Airline 4.0 will ensure that the whole experience of jet airliner travel will be memorable and stress-free.

Innovation and creativity are key to ensuring a strong product offering as well as the leadership required to compete effectively in this cut-throat industry.

The advantage of Airline 4.0 is that from its inception, it will be decades ahead of the current competition in terms of management and product offering.

Airline 4.0 is not meant to be the next low-cost-carrier. It’s meant to be THE number one American flag-carrier.